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"Working with Ecommerce Projects is an absolute pleasure and the uplift in business since doing so has been nothing short of remarkable"
Colin Chalkley

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Proficient in all forms of ecommerce digital marketing.

We’ve worked with clients in the Travel, Sports, Leisure, Motorcycle, Manufacturing and FMCG sectors.

We use whichever marketing techniques will work best for your business. Highly relevant, good quality traffic is the holy grail to achieving Ecommerce euphoria but knowing where and how is critical to ensuring budget spend is ultimately profitable.

We have grown our clients using the following digital marketing initiatives including SEO, which you can read about here Ecommerce SEO Services:

Amazon Marketing

The goliath that is Amazon offers consumer ecommerce retailers a gargantuan opportunity to put their products in front of the millions of users purchasing on Amazon daily by becoming an Amazon Seller. But Amazon’s platform is not limited to consumer retailers as there’s also Amazon business for those trading b2b.

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Google Shopping

If the products you sell online have images then a Google Shopping campaign is an absolute no brainer. Google Shopping adverts are the thumbnail ads that appear at the top of Google’s results that also feature the price and retailers name – for buyers, it’s a great way to do a quick price comparison and make a purchase in an instant, and for retailers, it’s the perfect opportunity to put your products in front of highly targeted users that are looking to make a purchase.

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PPC Marketing

PPC can have a major impact for the vast majority of ecommerce brands. If you aren’t doing any PPC marketing yet you’re probably missing out on valuable traffic and revenue.

For starters PPC can:

  1. Generate highly targeted traffic instantly.
  2. You only pay when a user clicks your ad.
  3. Total control of spend – you decide your daily budget (and this can be changed 24/7).
  4. Track and measure results with ease.

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Google Remarketing

Google remarketing is a great way to put your brand and its products or services back in front of people who have previously visited your website or mobile app. Remarketing allows you to strategically present your ads prominently in front of an audience while they continue their search for the products or services you provide; therefore reminding people of your offering, which increases both brand awareness and your opportunity to convert web visitors to sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for ecommerce businesses is without question an absolute must. With the ability to easily identify, create and target audiences that match your ideal customers, it’s the perfect platform to help you:

  1. Grow brand awareness.
  2. Increase your traffic.
  3. Quickly and easily promote your products and services.

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Social Media Retargeting

Social Media Retargeting is all about reaching audiences who already know you; you can advertise to people who have already visited either your website, app or Facebook page. This form of advertising helps remind customers to keep coming back to look at new and existing products or services. You can personalize every ad for every customer by automatically presenting dynamic ads of items you know they are interested in.

Customer Reviews

Online reviews can reveal a lot about your online shop and there is no doubt they play a crucial role in helping convert more visitors to paying customers. Positive reviews can really help a person’s decision making and ultimately lead to building their trust, so much so, virtually everyone is reading online reviews. In fact, ‘91% of people read them and 84% trust them as much as they would a personal recommendation’.

Ecommerce Projects can help you make the most of your customer reviews.

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We provide individual client solutions to Ecommerce businesses. No two websites or businesses are the same, therefore the services we provide are specifically targeted to client needs to ensure we deliver maximum results.